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News – Game Subscriptions Now 6% of Total Market, Subscribers 2x as Likely to Buy Microtransactions

In totally unsurprising news, gamers who pay for subscription services spend 45% more within games according to data from market research firm SuperData. Folks subscribed to subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, Origin Access and PlayStation Now are more willing to part with their cash than those who don’t. Superdata discovered subscribers we

Total War: Three Kingdoms News – Total War: Three Kingdom’s New In-Engine Trailer Takes us on a Hero’s Journey

Total War: Three Kingdoms Can I Run It? Add FPS Compare GPU Trailers Total War: Three Kingdoms Have your say User Review 7 Optimisation 8.8 Most Demanding Most Demanding Score? We’re beginning to march mighty close to Total War: Three Kingdoms’ release date and Creative Assembly has helped speed up the wait with a new in-engine look at the sceni