The best HDR Warzone setup

Best HDR Warzone setup

The debate over which is the best sniper rifle in Warzone will be going on for the next year, but it seems the majority of the player base has decided that the HDR is the long-range weapon to go for. This bolt-action sniper is one of just two Warzone guns capable of downing a fully armoured enemy in one shot, making it an extremely powerful piece of kit for your Wazone loadouts. Getting the first shot onto an enemy squad can immediately put your team in a man advantage making the ensuing brawl much, much easier. Even if you can’t finish the kill, landing a hit with the HDR in Warzone will drain enemy’s armour plates.

The main reason most players opt for the HDR in Warzone is because of it’s exceptionally high muzzle velocity, which means you almost never have to factor in bullet drop when using this rifle over long distances – just hover the crosshairs over an enemy’s head and pull the trigger. Sure, you’ll still need to adjust for travel time on moving targets, but you won’t need to work too hard with the HDR.

So, what is the best HDR Warzone setup? We’ve assembled the following build with two key factors in mind: keeping that muzzle velocity and damage maxed out, and improving the handling stats.

Best HDR Warzone setup

The best HDR Warzone attachments are:

Monolithic Suppressor
Tac Laser
26.9″ HDR Pro
FTAC Stalker-Scout

The Monolithic Suppressor and 26.9″ HDR Pro barrel will extend your range and keep you off the radar, the Tac Laser, improves your aiming stability significantly, the FTAC Stalker-Scout will improve you handling a little, while FMJ lets you be a little more ambitious when it comes to shooting through trees, fences, and lighting up vehicles.

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There is some debate about the almost unanimity of the Monolithic Suppressor on sniper builds as it does decrease your aim down sight speed significantly. We still go for it as staying off the radar will keep you from being ambushed by third-parties quite so regularly. If you just want to get into as many fights as possible then absolutely forego the Monolithic Suppressor.

For your second weapon drop you may want to consider one of the best SMGs in Warzone, but it’s increasingly apparent that you can get better results with some of the best Akimbo pistols in Warzone, like the Renettis.