Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave operators – everything we know

Steel Wave operators

Following the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave teaser trailer posted earlier this week, a leaked clip introducing two of the Rainbow Six Siege new operators popped up online. Now, it’s confirmed by Ubisoft: an attacker called Ace and defender called Melusi are on their way to the FPS game’s roster.

The clip, posted on the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter channel and included below, offers some cinematic shots of the two new Operators, showing Melusi poised tactically in what looks like an acacia tree, as the sun sets behind her. Ace, on the other hand, rappels down a dark, industrial-looking elevator shaft, then peers through a darkened room he’s presumably blasted into, illuminating it with his helmet’s lamp.

Other than their respective approaches – “A true predator strikes out of necessity, not greed” and “There is no chasm too wide, no wall too thick, that will stop me from bringing you home” – little is revealed about the Steel Wave operators in the clip. There’s plenty of subtle suggestion about what they do, but no concrete details.

The Year 5 roadmap indicates there are two new Ops on the way to the game with Steel Wave, one from South Africa and another from Norway. There have also been rumours one will be a “hard breach operator” and another will have a pyramid-shaped gadget that can slow others in its line of sight down.

It’s possible these refer to the two characters seen in the clip, with the above gadget perhaps hinted at in the pulsing, visual distortion seen, but this is just speculation at the moment. All the tweet reveals about them is that “They Protect. They Attack. But most importantly, they’ve got your back.”

An accompanying blog post provides a much better idea of what these operators are all about.

In the blog post we get information about both ops from the perspective of Spetsnaz defender Kapkan. “Ace knows where to stand for the perfect shot, whether it’s creating a breach for his teammates or smiling for the camera,” says Kapkan of the Norwegian. So it’s pretty clear that we’re getting a new breacher of some sort. If Ace is indeed a hard breacher than it’s difficult to imagine how he will differ to the three currently in the game.

Kapkan describes Melusi as “Highly adaptable. She waits, she intercepts, and she prevents, much like her new toy. If she does not catch the target herself, she can slow them long enough to be intercepted by someone else, or perhaps discouraged from their actions.”

Again, this lines up with the rumours, suggesting she can slow down enemies with some sort of trap device.

What is clear from the footage is that Ubisoft is planning to fully reveal the new Year 5 Season 2 Steel Wave operators on Monday, May 18 at 12:00 ET / 09:00 PT / 17:00 UK – so if you’re keen to see what’s in store, be sure to check back when the reveal time rolls around.

Additional reporting by Jordan Forward