LoL tier list: the top champions for 10.7

LoL tier list 10.7

Looking for a LoL tier list that’s up to date with the latest meta changes? The LoL patch 10.7 is finally here and it’s packed with plenty of bugfixes, balance tweaks, and further top and jungle lane changes. Patch 10.7 has shaken up the current LoL champion tier list a little with some buffs and nerfs to key characters, so you’ll want to check out our current breakdown to ensure you have the tools needed to obliterate your rivals out on the Rift. While picking a champion purely based on their strengths won’t make up for poor game sense, they will ensure your ranked climb is a little smoother.

Of course, knowing which League of Legends champions to add to your ever-growing collection can be a little tricky, especially when there are 148 to choose from. In order to help you win more ranked games, we’ve put together an in-depth guide that breaks down patch 10.7’s strongest picks and discusses why you should be using them. If you’re brand-new to LoL then you may want to seek out our picks for the best League of Legends champions for beginners. We’ve also included some additional S-tier picks in case you have a particular dislike for any of our choices.

If you’re tired of losing games and want to increase your ranked win rate this season, then make sure you add any of the below champions to your current roster. After all, learning to play the strongest champs in the League of Legends 10.7 meta will give you the edge you need to truly make your mark out on the Rift.



TOP-LANE: Darius

The Might of Demacia has received a minor nerf that sees him relegated from the OP spot of our 10.7 top lane tier list. Taking Garen’s place is Darius, who can’t be beat when it comes to putting pressure down early on and stomping whatever foe he comes up against. Elsewhere, we’ve included Fiora as another top pick because of her split-push game, Wukong remains an S-tier pick thanks to his overall utility and ability to fulfill almost any role. Nasus enters the S-tier with 10.7 thanks to buffs to his W, which means he can finally survive being kited, sort of – he’s got very few weaknesses outside of this so he’s now in a very dominant position.

Other S-tier picks: Garen, Fiora, Nasus, Wukong


Zac as the top in Jungle while we wait to see how the Fiddlesticks rework beds into the meta. He’s joined by Warwick, Elise, Graves, and Elise at the top of the jungle food chain. The Secret Weapon is currently one of the best gankers in the game thanks to the incredible mobility from Elastic Slingshot and insane crowd control from his ultimate. To make matters even better, Zac’s Bloblets give him the opportunity to resurrect when he takes fatal damage, making this slimy champion incredibly difficult to shut down. The added safety that the Bloblets give Zac is extremely powerful as he can go for risky dives and plays that would usually end in a frustrating death. If you’re after a jungler that can constantly barrage your enemies with cc abilities and initiate team fights, then Zac should be a top priority for anyone looking to help their team get ahead.

It’s worth adding that Graves has entered the S-tier and appears to be gaining in popularity in high-rank matches. His mobility is great, but it helps that he can farm very quickly and scales well, too.

Other S-tier picks: Warwick, Elise, Graves, Elise



Fizz and Diana remain the joint leaders of the mid-lane rankings once again. While Katarina’s deadly daggers proved highly effective in patch 10.5, they have failed to make the cut under the latest couple of patch changes. While the Sinister Blade is still a great pick for those looking to pick up an easy penta, she falls just short of the Tidal Trickster’s overall impact. Not only can Fizz easily wipe grouped enemies with Chum the Waters, he can also dash in and out of combat unscathed with the help of Nimble Fighter. In fact, trying to stop Fizz or Diana from deleting your carries can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you fail to shut them down in the early-game. Fizz has the slight edge in terms of versatility, so consider banning or adding this slippery assassin to your roster to ensure your ranked matches go as smoothly as possible.

Other S-tier picks: Diana, Katarina, Yasuo, Ekko



This eagle-eyed marksman is a truly terrifying champion who utilises her Relic Cannon to both barrage foes from afar and aid her allies with lifesaving heals. Senna’s unique blend of support and ADC abilities has given her the tools needed to climb to the very top of the bot-lane tier list. While her passive AD per soul has been nerfed, Senna still works incredibly well with the current meta tank supports, particularly when paired with gold farming Tahm Kench players. Being able to heal allies, apply deadly crowd control, and shield allied champions is huge, especially when you also have the ability to unleash a steady stream of highly damaging auto attacks. The 10.7 nerfs have done little to slow the Redeemer’s climb, so be prepared to see a lot more from this marksman in the coming weeks.

Miss Fortune is the other OP champion in this lane, and honestly you could debate between her and Senna all day long. She’s easy to learn and incredibly strong, so if you’re trying to solo queue and climb ranks in this lane then Miss Fortune is the champ for you.

Other S-tier picks: Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Lucian, Vayne



Leona continues to be a top pick for those looking to deliver a lethal cocktail of stuns and slows, so it’s no wonder this sun-loving support has once again cast her gaze onto those in the bot-lane. The Radiant Dawn may struggle in the early game, but once she has access to her ultimate things really start to ramp up. There’s never been a better time to add Leona to your roster, especially since there are so many carry threats roaming around the Rift at the moment. After all, the current meta champions lack decent forms of escape, so having a champion that can catch priority picks and punish any overly aggressive plays is huge, particularly in ranked matches where one fed champion can quickly snowball an entire game in your favour.

We’ll consider Fiddlestick for this role after he’s had some time to bed back into the meta.

Other S-tier picks: Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Senna, Thresh

And there are your picks from the current patch. We’ll update this page when the LoL patch 10.8 inevitably rolls around, so check back then for the latest top tier picks. In case you missed it, Riot’s entry to the best card games on PC, Legends of Runeterra is out now and we also have a Legends of Runeterra tier list as well as a rundown of the best Legends of Runeterra decks, so you can get a few easy early wins under your belt.

Additional reporting by Jordan Forward