Co-op shooter Earthfall gets release date

Co-op shooter Earthfall gets release date | PC Invasion

Developer Holospark has announced their co-op shooter Earthfall will be launching on 13 July.

Gamers who enjoy a bit of Left 4 Dead may want to check this out. Earthfall is a similar kind of game where four players will have to blast their way through hordes of aliens in the Pacific Northwest. Using team tactics and 3D printed weaponry, players will have to do their best to fortify holdouts and complete mission objectives with tools like portable barricades and heavy turrets.

There are a total of ten missions spread across two campaigns with all kinds of nasty aliens to take down. As the game progresses, the story behind the alien invasion will unfold. Not that most players will give a toss about the story when they can lay waste to packs of oncoming aliens.

Earthfall has been in Early Access since last year and feedback has been positive since it appeared which bodes well for the game’s full launch. The trailer below sets the scene pretty well.

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