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Doom Eternal’s demon guts glisten more brightly with this ray-tracing mod

Doom Eternal is, at its heart, a game about seeing what demons look like on the inside. Thus, anything that adds a bit of pizzazz to that process is generally welcome, and that’s certainly the case for the upcoming ray tracing mod for Doom Eternal. The mod adds a host of new visual effects to Doom Eternal that mimic the hardw

This DIY gaming PC case slots into a backpack and is VR ready

It’s technically possible, we suppose, to strap just about any PC onto your back and say that it’s portable – in fact, we’re pretty sure that’s the moral of the story in Death Stranding. But most of us would prefer to have something a bit smaller than a full-size ATX case tied to our backs, particularl

Wolfenstein is getting a board game

Wolfenstein has always been about killing Nazis, but what if you could do all that… on your tabletop? It looks like we’ll be able to find out, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign for Wolfenstein: The Board Game, which is about to wrap up after having pulled in more than 10 times its initial goal in funding. Wolfenstein: T

Take a tour of Fallout 4’s only flying bunker

A bunker should be a safe place to escape from it all, to seal off the outside world while things get nasty. One modder has taken that concept to a bit of an extreme by creating what is to my knowledge the first and only aerial bunker in Fallout 4’s Commonwealth. Held in the sky by a hot air balloon, Mister-Blue-Sky1’s

Overwatch’s revamped communication wheel lets you say ‘sorry’ instead of ‘I need healing’

Overwatch will soon get a major revamp for its communication wheel, which will let you make more nuanced demands of your team from a new list of custom voice lines. This will let you swap out the existing wheel options for a whole host of new commands, letting you tell your team everything from ‘attack’ to ‘sorry&

Here are the next free games from the Epic Store

Did somebody say ‘free games’? Yes, it’s me, the news writer who will say ‘free games’ at least 52 times this year. The bonanza of free PC games from the Epic Games Store continues unabated deep into 2020, and the latest selection of giveaways has been revealed. You’ll soon be able to grab a mode

Rainbow Six Siege will let you cancel ranked matches with uneven teams

One of the most infuriating things that can happen in Rainbow Six Siege is an uneven match in ranked play. Up until now, matches have always gone forward as normal even if a player drops just before it begins – but now Ubisoft has a change in mind that will allow players in uneven teams to cancel a bad match before it begins.

WWE 2K21 is cancelled

There will be no WWE 2K21. After years of ups and downs with the licensed wrestling series, last year’s WWE 2K20 marked an extra-low point – and with the added uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many fans were left to wonder whether a new entry in the annual series is coming or not. Now, WWE itself has con

Pets are coming to Fallout 76 – but not “edible ones”, you monster

Fallout 76 has just been treated to a meaty new update – Fallout 76: Wastelanders – meaning it’s now awash with human NPCs for the very first time, some of whom have been naughtily pinching players’ gear. However, it looks like man’s best friend is also on the way to the online RPG game’s po

Destiny 2 cheating is “up roughly 50 percent since January”

As the Destiny 2 take on the Olympics – the Guardian Games continue, developer Bungie has posted a blog update looking the FPS game’s past week. Among other topics, like upcoming changes to the Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris, the dev talks about cheating in the game – and reveals this is “up roughly 50