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Apex Legends Battle Armor start time – the countdown to Season 5 begins

Apex Legends Season 5 is on the way – albeit a little later than expected – but there’s one more event here to send off the current content and lead us into what’s next. The Battle Armor event adds a new limited-time mode focused on faster action with progressively-more-powerful starting equipment – an

Cyberpunk 2077 rating leaks, details “sexual pleasurement”

The first rating for Cyberpunk 2077 has leaked, and you know what this means – it’s time to giggle at extremely clinical descriptions of adult content. We all expected that CD Projekt Red’s next game would get mature ratings, and the studio itself has responded to the leak with a knowing question: “you surpr

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gets the MK9 Bruen LMG, Gunsmith customs, and double XP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a big new update this week, which adds new weapons, customisation options, and some other bits and pieces just before the start of another double XP weekend. The big additions this time are the new MK9 Bruen LMG and the new Gunsmith Customs option. Gunsmith Customs are here to let you mix and match

SnowRunner scores – our roundup of the critics

The latest in ‘getting your truck nightmarishly buried in mud and muck’ simulators is here, and this time there’s snow. SnowRunner takes the series to places like the snow-laden backwoods of Alaska for an even more slippery set of circumstances to drive through. The early scores are in, and it looks like developer

It’s 2020, and Fortnite just hit a new concurrent player count record – thanks to Travis Scott

While Fortnite‘s momentum might seem to have slowed over the past year, it appears that the game hadn’t yet peaked. The game’s big, media-crossover events are still drawing in loads of people, and this weekend’s Travis Scott concerts are no exception. Thanks to the event, Epic Games recorded a new Fortnite c

Warframe devs detail Nightwave: Glassmaker, Protea, and The Deadlock Protocol

Developer Digital Extremes has revealed a host of new details on what to expect from the next few months of Warframe updates. Some expected updates are getting delayed as the studio adjusts to working from home, but as part of today’s devstream, we’ve got more concrete info on when to expect The Deadlock Protocol &ndash

Google announces good Stadia news, nobody notices because communication has been awful

Stadia is now free. No, it wasn’t already free – er, mostly, aside from a free trial, and… well, honestly, I’m not here to tell you that Google’s promotion of Stadia has ever made any sense, but I am here to tell you what Google has announced and explain what the latest change to Stadia means. Up unti

Auto Museum 64 is a virtual museum for cars from Nintendo 64 games

There are few things cooler than cars or retro videogames – except, maybe, for cars from retro videogames. The Nintendo 64 era is arguably the point at which retro and auto aesthetics most thoroughly came together, and Auto Museum 64 is all about celebrating the artistry of the era by collecting many of its greatest vehicles.

Dwarf Fortress on Steam will have art to match its procedurally generated monsters

The Steam launch of Dwarf Fortress is still off in the indeterminate future – “time is subjective,” as its release date still reads. But creators Tarn and Zach Adams are busy working new and suitably complex systems into their colony management sim, and one of those is handling the question of how to create sprite

Escape from Tarkov is getting a classic drum-fed submachine gun

There are few games out there that take their guns as seriously as Escape from Tarkov does, which makes the announcement of a new firearm a big deal for Tarkov players. Battlestate Games has teased a new weapon in 1development for Tarkov, and it’s the PPSh-41, a Soviet submachine gun that saw extensive service in World War II