Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 notes – new Odyssey arenas, Chrono changes, and more Galaxies


The ninth patch for Teamfight Tactics this year has hit the autobattler’s testing servers, bringing a bunch of new changes, tweaks, and goodies to the game. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for TFT patch 10.9!

First up, Riot just announced there are two new TFT galaxies on the way very soon, and they’ve both arrived on the game’s PBE for a round of testing. “In the next patch, we’re adding the Treasure Trove galaxy where every NPC is guaranteed to drop a loot orb, the studio says, adding: “The chance of getting the Treasure Trove galaxy will be much less than the others. We’re also experimenting with a galaxy that will add two-star champions to the carousel. You can check out both of these galaxies now on PBE.”

TFT’s latest update also brings three new Odyssey-themed arenas to the game – Odyssey Jinx Arena, Odyssey Malphite Arena, and Odyssey Yasuo Arena – which you can take a look at below thanks to Moobeat on Twitter. There’s also a handful of trait and Champion changes to get a look at, too, though more will likely arrive before the patch goes live. Be sure to keep checking back.

Read on to see the full list of changes headed to Riot’s autobattler with TFT patch 10.9.



Here are images of the new Odyssey Jinx Arena, Odyssey Malphite Arena, and Odyssey Yasuo Arena:



Thresh (Tier 5) – buffed

Bonus mana from ability increased to 50/75/200 from 25/50/200

Master Yi (Tier 3) – buffed

Ability healing per second increased to 50/75/200 from 25/50/200

Sona – buffed

Ability targets increased to 3/4/5 from 2/3/4

Ziggs (Tier 1) – buffed

Damage from ability increased to 300/400/700 from  250/325/550



Chrono – changed

Chrono’s effect has been changed to “All allies gain 15% attack speed every few seconds”
6 seconds (2 Champions)
2 seconds (4 Champions)
1 second (6 Champions)

Rebel – buffed

Shield (6 Champions) increased to 250 from 225
Shield (9 Champions) increased to 375 from 350


That’s all we’ve got for Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 for now. Based on the League of Legends 2020 patch schedule the TFT 10.9 patch is due to drop on Wednesday, April 29.

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