Resident Evil 3 hits 2 million units shipped – five days after launch

Resident Evil 3 is off to a flying start, if its sales figures so far are anything to go by. Developer Capcom has revealed the eye-watering number of units the survival game’s shipped in the days following its launch – and they’ve hit two million.

In a statement posed by Capcom, the studio reveals this pretty enormous figure reflects the horror game’s sales in just the first five days after the Resident Evil 3 Remake release date arrived on April 3. Given it’s now ten days after launch, as of this story, it’s possible it’s now significantly higher than this. The number includes sales across the PlayStation 4 as well as the “Xbox One family of devices”, which includes the console itself as well as PC sales, and digital sales account for about half of the total sales so far.

For context, as game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad highlights on Twitter, the original Resident Evil 3 (released in 1999) sold around 3.5 million units in total, so the remake is well on the way to catching it up mere days after release.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake, which landed in January last year, had a first shipment of three million sales and has now sold 6.5 million units overall.

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