Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 release date – Sand Hawk returns in the endgame rework

Borderlands 3‘s endgame gear rework is coming, and very soon – Gearbox has provided the final Mayhem 2.0 release date, along with some last-minute details on how the new version of the grind will work. That includes a bit of info on the new and returning unique Legendary weapons that will drop on the highest levels of difficulty.

Mayhem 2.0 goes live on April 23. There are now ten levels of Mayhem, and each stage provides randomised modifiers at difficulty tiers ranging from easy to very hard. Examples of easy modifiers include Big Kick Energy, which increases gun damage, recoil, and spread, or Galaxy Brain, which activates a big head mode for enemies, making headshots far easier.

A Medium modifier, Floor is Lava, makes pools of magma form beneath your feet if you stand still too long. Hard modifiers include Drone Ranger, which spawns healing bots to support enemies. Gearbox says in the announcement that it will leave the rest of the modifiers for you to discover for yourself.

You’ll get progressively better gear at each Mayhem level, naturally, and “certain bosses” will drop unique Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons once you’re past level six. One of those includes the Sand Hawk, returning from Borderlands 2’s DLC – it’s still a sniper rifle that fires a spray of bullets in the pattern of bird wings.

You can see the full modifier pattern above. There are also always more FPS games to check out while you wait for the new update to land on April 23.